07 years Garnett almost joined the Golden State Warriors

2007 NBA Draft The day, cheap nba jersey, the Warriors, Timberwolves and the Bobcats have basically reached a big deal, in this deal, Garnett will go to the Warriors, Jason – Richardson will go to the Bobcats, and draft picks and young The player will be sent to the Timberwolves. However, according to Mullin said the deal was finally yellow, because when the Warriors boss Chris – Kohan in the last moment rejected.

The next thing, we all know, the Celtics through the introduction of Garnett and Ray – Allen, and let them and Pierce formed the Big Three, since then quickly set up a championship team.

For the Warriors, they were in the summer with Richardson in exchange for the first round of the 8th show, a good athletic man big Brandon – Wright. Although the black eight warriors core lineup is basically retained, and they in the 2007-08 season regular season than the previous year won six games, but because they lost in the last 19 games inside 11 games, the results missed the playoffs.

We were trying to get Garnett through the deal, and then we used Jason Richardson in exchange for Brandon Wright. Matthew Barnes recalls the Warriors and returned to the Warriors this year “Although we have won more games than the previous year, we are no longer the same, and everything is changing quickly, and that chemical reaction is gone.”

It is understood that Byron – Davis was that he was betrayed, nba basketball jersey women, he chose to jump out of the summer contract, and switch to the Clippers. Since then, that fame black eight warriors no longer exist.

Cooper is willing to sell shares to Obama

According to TMZ website reported that if the former US President Barack Obama wants to become a share of an NBA team, nba basketball uniform, then his chance came. Recently, the Mavericks owner Mark – Cuban said he was willing to sell 10% of the team shares to Obama, but the price of up to 300 million US dollars.

As we all know, Obama is a hardcore basketball fan, he and many NBA players have maintained a very good relationship. Obama has said that until after leaving the US president, he hopes to buy an NBA team and become a boss, or become a team of shareholders.

Now, Obama has a chance. Recently, the Mavericks boss Kuban said in an interview that he is willing to sell 10% of the team shares to Obama, cheap nba jerseys china, but the price is 300 million US dollars.

Not long ago, the United States “Forbes” announced the latest NBA team value list, the Mavericks to 1.45 billion US dollars ranked 30 NBA teams in the first nine.

So, Cuban would like to sell $ 10 million 10% of the team shares, is clearly too high. To know, NBA team value list of the first Knicks, the current value of about 3.3 billion US dollars, 10 percent only 330 million US dollars.

Of course, this may only be the initial offer of Cuban, basketball jerseys sale, the future should also have room for negotiation?

The warriors end losing streak

Jinzhou warriors on the road to 112-105 victory over New York Nicks. Cheap NBA jersey, The warriors Stephen curry scored 31 points and 8 rebounds and 6 assists, Craig Thompson scored 29 points; Nicks, Derek – Ross scored a team high 28 points, Bohr Tianjin Hodges scored 24 points and 15 rebounds, Anthony scored 15 points.

Before coming to New York Madison Square Garden arena, the warriors have suffered two defeats, they needed a victory to boost morale. But after the start of the game, the warriors and Nicks’s attack is not very ideal, relatively speaking, the warriors into the state earlier, with the Green and the hit a goal of three points, the warriors played a wave of 8-2.

The first section of the middle, warriors and Nicks before playing 10-4. In Stephen – Curitiba has yet to find a hand, the warriors in the first section of the main offensive support by Tang God in this section, he scored 14 points. Until the first quarter of the last stage, Curitiba slowly hand back, he broke through and scored 4 points penalty.

At the end of the first section, the warriors lead by 29-18.

After the start of the second quarter, the warriors attack suddenly misfiring, and Nicks is gradually from the potential wave, God led role players hit a wave attack climax, especially the wave of God, he cast a continuous score in this section in the process, the more than 6 minutes left, Nicks chasing the score 3-3. New basketball jerseys, The second section more than 5 minutes left, after the library finally put into the field of the person’s first three pointers, the warriors bench general Iguodala even in the 2 three pointers, the warriors lead to 40-36. But Nicks is still Ross and the wave of God to continue to chase the basket. This section with 2 minutes left, wave God cap Tang God layup, followed by Courtney Lee hit three points, Nicks counter ultra 2 points.

1 minutes left in the second quarter, curry again hit three points makes the warriors to lead 47-46, but at the last second to jump from the wave of God, help Nicks 50-49 leading into the second half.

The beginning of the second half, both teams attacking state have gradually recovered, Carmelo Anthony hit a three points, followed by a curry. Anthony in the third quarter obviously into the state, and repeatedly hit the three points. Third in the first half, the two teams scored very tight. But in this period, with a sudden outbreak of Curitiba, the warriors gradually opened the score difference, and in the day during a 35-26.

After the start of the fourth quarter, under the leadership of Tom (Green) and (2+1), the warriors withstood the pressure and maintained a leading edge. But Nicks’s momentum is also very fierce, role players Beck and holiday have a contribution in the offensive end. This section with 8 minutes and 15 seconds, Ross middle distance jump stop behind to help Nicks will be reduced to 9 points difference. After that, Anthony 2 penalty. During that time, Nicks hit a wave 10-1 attack climax, and in this section more than 6 minutes left when catch up with only 4 points behind.

There are 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter, the wave of God hit the three points, Nicks is only behind the score of 1 points, but then God also gave a soup of a score of three points. With 4 minutes 05 seconds, Ross fast breakthrough into 2+1, the two sides only 3 points. NBA basketball jerseys, Unfortunately, Nicks in the last few minutes of continuous critical errors, while the defensive side and can not stop the warriors score. Ultimately, Nicks lost to 105-112 in the home court.